Emmer Wheat Pasta
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 4
  • 200 g Organic Emmer Flour
  • 200 g Organic Plain Flour
  • 4 Eggs
  • semolina or flour for dusting
  1. Sift the Emmer and plain flour together in a bowl and add the salt, stir to mix in the salt.
  2. Make a wide well in the centre. Carefully break the eggs into the well. Using a fork gently stir the eggs from the centre incorporating the flour until a dryish dough is formed.
  3. Once all the flour is incorporated into the dough, knead for 7-10 minutes, on a lightly floured surface, until the dough has an even consistency, is no longer dry and when pressed with your finger it springs back. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge to rest for 20 -30 minutes. You can leave it until the following day.
  4. Set up your pasta machine if using one. (if not, see the method at the bottom of the recipe) Remove from the fridge and cut into 8 pieces. Keep one of these smaller pieces and place the remainder in cling film. Lightly dust the work top with flour, using a rolling pin roll the dough once or twice into a rectangular shape. Dust both sides with flour before putting in the pasta machine.
  5. Set your pasta machine dial to the lowest number (this is usually 1) and pass the pasta through twice. Move the dial to 2 and repeat. Dust with flour at each step, as needed to stop it sticking in the machine. Repeat with the dial on 4. Then fold the dough into three, like folding a letter. Press the short edge with your fingers and set the pasta machine back to 1. Put the pasta through the machine once only at 1, then 2, 4, 6. You will then have a long length of thin dough.
  6. You can cut the dough into two shorter pieces to make it easier to handle, or keep it long to make longer tagliatelle. Set a tray, covered with a clean tea towel or cloth, dusted with semolina or flour, to one side. Set the tagliatelli cutter on the pasta machine and run the dough through the cutters, catching the tagliatelli as it comes out to keep it from sticking together until it can be dusted. Lay flat on the tray, dust with flour of semolina and repeat with the remainder of the dough.
  7. Once all the dough is cut, either form into nests or leave until needed for this recipe. It can be frozen as nests and cooked straight from the freezer - About 6 minutes in boiling salted water.
  8. If you are not using a pasta machine, remove your dough from the fridge, cut into 8 pieces. Keep one piece and wrap the remainder. Roll the dough into a rectangle as thin as you can, the egg pasta thicken up in the water when it's cooked. Then dust with flour and roll the pasta like a swiss roll, slice across the rolled edge and you have long lengths of tagliatelli. Place on a tray, covered with a clean tea towel and dusted with flour or semolina. Repeat with the remainder of the dough.
  9. Once the pasta is made, put into boiling salted water for about 5 mins until just al- dente.
Recipe by Glamorous Glutton.com at https://www.glamorousglutton.com/emmer-wheat-tagliatelli-with-fennel-seed-pork-meatballs-and-tomato-sauce/